Download Music Mp3:- Doubowee – Birthday Song

Download Music Mp3:- Doubowee – Birthday Song

Birthday Song” by ”Doubowee” is dedicated to all birthday celebrant all over the world, so it is a must play in all birthday party and every other ceremonies.

The song was produced by Id Cleff.

Download and enjoy!!


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Birthday Song Lyrics

Doubowee yeah
Happy birthday

Verse 1
In tonight
it’s my birthday party
come and dance with me now

Can’t you see
many many guys
They are dancing with me

Dinne and wine
Come and Merry with us we have overflow here

Chop chop plenty in my party you may eat and take it away
Bad energy make you go far

Everyone oya make you party
Cut the cake and make you jolly
Catch little fun here
And spray me better money


Birthday party birthday party
No more dulling
spray me money
Birthday party birthday party
No more dulling
Pump the Champagne
Celebrate it’s your party
Celebrate it’s your birthday
Wishing you happy birthday
Wishing you happy returns
Many many happy birthday
Many many happy returns
Wishing you better health
and plenty money in your bank

   Verse 2

The broadcast in the radio
it’s a Shout-out for your birthday
I’m the one that do it for you just to mark your birthday party

Merriment in your birthday
Toasting to good life
Many many welle wishers wishing you long life

Thanking God for your birthday
He has been faithful
Give praise and the glory

When you pump and drinking wine
make sure that you never drunk
You will drive home safe and sound
So live to dance again

Celebrate never mind them
Celebrate never stop
Make you dance never stop

Chorus till fade

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